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Dietary Supplements for Osteoarthritis

What Does the Research Really Show?


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Out of date and no longer accurate Report
Most of this info is the same. Studies take a long time & many companies simply ride the tide of the next new trend so they can sell more product. Do your own research. Haven't seen but one 2019 article from SP. Report
Update! Report
This article is 12 years old. I wish it could be updated... Report
thanks Report
Good-need-to-know information. Thanks! Report
Good article. Report
Decade-old info is not new. Report
Great information. Report
Thanks. Report
Newer information? 2007 is over 10 years ago. Report
Has any new info come out on this in the decade since it was written? Report
My doc told me to use heat for my arthritic thumb. She said nothing about supplements. Report

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