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Throw a Fitness Party!

Burn Calories While You Bond


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No Parties right now with covid Report
Hard to have a "Fitness Party" during Covid 19 but a great fun idea for the future. Report
Fitness party will have to wait til after quarantining! Report
What an absolutely fabulous idea! After the stay at home order is lifted, and it seems safe, I'll try it. Thanks! Report
I'm too frugal to join a gym, so this is a great idea, for after quarantine is over. Report
Article was created in 2007! Coronavirus! Report
Great ideas will try to implement Report
Will have to party by ourselves right now Report
thank you Report
Good ideas. Will have to wait until COVID19 has passed. Oh, wait! I can invite Dearly Beloved. He's already here!! Report
Thank you Report
So much fun for all ages! Report
What a great idea! Report
Great information Report

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