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What Causes Insomnia?

Learn Which Risk Factors You Can Control


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My work schedule definitely affects my sleep cycle--4 11 hour shifts with 3 days off (or less depending on overtime offers)..I aspire to get at least 7 hours a night but would love love love to get 8-a work in progress! Report
Thank you for the information. Report
I have never been able to sleep well, not even as a child. My thoughts race; I just can't seem to shut up the chatter in my head. The only thing that helps is staying up late enough that I'm actually tired when I do go to bed (usually around midnight.) And no matter what time I finally fall asleep, I naturally wake up around 6 (7 at the latest) without an alarm clock. (On work days, the alarm wakes me at 5 AM.)

So, no, I don't get enough sleep. Report
Great article. Two suggestions: 1. Some of the health conditions listed as out of our control can be listed as in our control to some degree and can be improved by better health choices. 2. I did not read about high blood pressure. Maybe that was assumed to be with cardio/heart conditions, but I know that my HBP has woken me up from sleep with the increased pulse felt and heard in my neck, head and ears. Again, that can be controlled quite a bit through better health choices (and meds). Report
This is definitely an area I need to work on. I find I lose more weight when I do get my sleep. As well as have more energy and a better mood. Good luck to all that have trouble in this area!!! Report
i need to get my water in earlier since i get up to the bathroom at least twice . the quite gets to me too so i enjoy music when i go to be it helps have stopped reading in bed and find it helpful and my glasses fit better too since i don't fall with thm on! Report
Lots of good tips on the controllable areas of sleeplessness. Thanks! Report
Good information! Report
Sleeping component is so important for your health. Report
Great article! Report
Thank you for the article. Good info. Report
Thank you Report
Thanks Nicole. Report
Thanks I have issues due to pain but there are some things I can try! Report

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