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Remember to Reward Yourself

How to Pat Yourself on the Back


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Good ideas...Thx! Report
thanks Report
Thanks! Great Tips! Report
These rewards sound wonderful. Some I can do some I cannot. I also am thinking I need to add some. Report
I don't really usually reward myself. thinking about it but I usually get what I want just because. Maybe the picture I take and post every 10# is kind of a reward Report
Great. Report
Thanks for posting. Report
Rewarding myself for achievements is so important to being consistent. Report
Thanks Report
thanks Report
thanks Report
Even small rewards reap large results! Report
Great ideas. A small piece of dark chocolate also engages the feel good brain response that reinforces the idea that exercise is good. Report
There are a lot of good suggestions here and small rewards never occurred to me. Come to think of it, this makes sense. Using the reward idea keeps your mind in the moment focusing on 'now'. Thinking only about the end of the line causes you not to even want to try. Report

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