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Getting Rest with RLS

Control Restless Legs Syndrome to Sleep Better


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After decades of suffering with RLS I came across an article from a medical journal a couple years back that mentioned antihistamines as a culprit. I used to take generic benadryl to help with insomnia and it turned out THAT was causing the problem! I stopped taking that OTC and lo and behold the RLS vanished!!!! Report
excellent article. I learned a lot! Report
Circulation isn't everything, but my leg pain reduces when I have improved my circulation. Report
Read the info on the john Hopkins Medical site. About 80% of RLS people have low iron--not necessarily low enough to treat to get your red cells higher though. I asked my doctor; we tested for my ferritin and red cell numbers. I started taking a prescribed amount of iron for several months and I'm *much* better!! Not only red cell numbers are high enough that I can donate blood again...AND I have definitely noted an increase in energy and less fatigue! WIN-WIn-WIn!! Report
This seems too easy, but it works. I take 2 aspirin and elevate my legs in bed with a pillow under my knees. I fall to sleep within minutes, with no more RLS! Report
I was diagnosed several years ago. Soap is just an old wives tale and doesn't do anything. I tried Requip and experienced amplification from it (it makes the RLS worse and more often than just night time). I've been on a low dose of Methadone for several years and it has been a miracle for me. If Requip doesn't work talk to your Neurologist about Methadone. Report
I lived with the pain for years until this past Winter. I finally noticed something; when I woke up in agony, I would start massaging my legs until the pain stopped, usually it took about 10 minutes. During that time, my skin would change from coolish to warmer. I wondered if the problem had something to do with poor circulation, sitting too long during the day or something else that was a day time thing that carried over to the night. I started to take notes as to when the pain occurred and any background info, like what I did or didn't do during the day. I thought, what if it was something to do with surface body temperature? I hate sleeping in a warm room, was that part of the problem? I sew, and made myself a pair of footed pajama bottoms using very heavy fleece. I haven't had a problem pain in my legs at night since. Simple solution to a complex problem. Report
I have tried many things for RLS with the exception of prescription medication.
Something that seems to work for me a majority of the time is a couple tablespoons of yellow mustard before stretching. I read about the mustard on a website with multiple other "natural" remedies.
I know that antihistamines exacerbate my problem so try to do without.

Having read all the comments here, I am grateful to the poster who talked about diet soda.
I have recently been in a "good" period the last several months and had not associated my relief from significant symptoms to having reduced my diet soda intake to 3 cans or less per week and watch what type of 'sweetner' is in the tea I drink.

Soap bars did nothing for me.
Thanks all. Report
I stopped aspartame. I was a diet coke addict. RLS is gone now. I still drink coffee. Report
I was on Effexor and determined that was adding to my RLS. I also advise taking your allergy pill in the morning. For me taking it at night also exacerbated my symptoms.

I am a Massage Therapist. RLS is mainly caused by toxin build-up in the legs. Tell your Massage Therapist to work along the Tibialis Posterior Muscle. It is very painful initially, but diminishes as gentle work, on the area, is performed, and will eliminate the problem for several weeks. Drink lots of fluid after your massage to flush out toxins. Much better than medicine!
I found something that helps with RLS and it seems crazy! An older lady I work with told me to put 2 bars of soap under my bottom sheet at the foot of the bed and it would help my RLS. It REALLY does! I have no idea why. I have researched to find out, but no one knows why it works. Try it, what can it hurt? You'll be amazed! Report
I deal with RLS. I was placed on Sinemet 25-100. It works very well. I also just started sleeping with a bar of soap under my sheets since it has been known to help others and I figured it doesn't cost as much as the medication and if it works it would be worth the investment. Report
I'm so glad that I only get this occasionally. It is so aggravating! I don't know what I'd do if I had it frequently. Report

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