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Getting Rest with RLS

Control Restless Legs Syndrome to Sleep Better


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This is good information. I do not have RLS but my hubby does so will pass this on to him so we can talk about it. Report
I find it helps to elevate my legs a bit with several pillows. And untuck the blankets/sheets at the end of the bed, so it's loose around my feet. Report
Good article. Report
Very informative article. I am currently on Ropinerole and have good and bad nights on it. Will try some of the other suggestions such as abstinence from diet soda. Thank you. This RLS has made me miserable for years. Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
I've been dealing with restless legs for years! I've tried requip and ropinerole. The requip made me feel sick. The ropinerole helped a lot but wore off every night around 6:00 so I'd have to deal with my legs kicking and moving from 6 until bedtime. You truly can not control the movements....I tried! Now I am on clonazepam and it is almost miraculous how much better my legs feel. Report
I have found if I put a heavy blanket on my feet it helps. Amazon sells heavy blankets. I just use one of mine. Report
I am glad I don't have this, sorry for those who do Report
After decades of suffering with RLS I came across an article from a medical journal a couple years back that mentioned antihistamines as a culprit. I used to take generic benadryl to help with insomnia and it turned out THAT was causing the problem! I stopped taking that OTC and lo and behold the RLS vanished!!!! Report
excellent article. I learned a lot! Report
Circulation isn't everything, but my leg pain reduces when I have improved my circulation. Report
Read the info on the john Hopkins Medical site. About 80% of RLS people have low iron--not necessarily low enough to treat to get your red cells higher though. I asked my doctor; we tested for my ferritin and red cell numbers. I started taking a prescribed amount of iron for several months and I'm *much* better!! Not only red cell numbers are high enough that I can donate blood again...AND I have definitely noted an increase in energy and less fatigue! WIN-WIn-WIn!! Report
This seems too easy, but it works. I take 2 aspirin and elevate my legs in bed with a pillow under my knees. I fall to sleep within minutes, with no more RLS! Report

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