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The Causes of Allergies

Most Factors are Out of Your Control


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Great information. Report
Very informative! Thanks! Report
They are not fun! .. thanks for the article. Report
Allergies can really wreck yer day! Report
The strange thing about allergies is that they might be latent for a long period of time and suddenly can be invoked under particular circumstances. A friend of mine had been living her whole life without any kinds of allergies but when she turned 32, she suddenly developed a dust allergy which turned into domestic pets allergy as well. Later she developed some kind of intolerance to strawberries and products that contain them. It's funny because that was one of her favourite types of fruit... Report
It seems so strange but there were no risk factors for me to develop allergies yet I have too many to count if you add related products and foods. Healthy foods like tomatoes, peppers, bananas, tree fruits, tree nuts, beans and peas, soy, squash, eggs and milk are just a few of my "sensitities" If I handle tomatoes, I get a rash. If I eat them, I never know when I'll get a reaction like vomitting and diariah. Oops, I forgot shellfish. I had a severe reaction a couple of weeks ago where I woke up in the morning with my eyes swollen shut and a swollen face.
I am a child of the '40's and '50's so I was nursed for almost a year. My mother wouldn't allow any pets and my favourite thing to do was make mudpies.
My conclusion? Some people have all the luck. lol Report

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