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The Best Fat-Burning Advice

A Little Bit of Knowledge Can Help Burn the Fat


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Great article! Report
Great article lots of information Report
... good tips...plan to try them...
05/19/18 Report
Lots of good advice here. Report
Great advice Report
Interesting. Makes too much sense. Report
Great article that debunks so many of the "truths" I'd belived about burning fat. Thanks!! Report
This was very useful info Thanks. Report
This article came at a good time for me. I have a little less than 50 pounds to go and it is a struggle. Of course let us not forget I am older now too. I used to be a 4 AM exerciser but now can't seem to get out of bed. I have been so worried if I don't exercise in the morning I don't get as many benefits but after reading this article, I am so grateful. I will try to do what my body is telling me and reverse its cycle....LOL Report
Very informative! Report
Yes, good information! Pills and shots do not result in losing body fat. Reducing carbs (below 100 grams per day) will allow the body to begin burning fat as a fuel source. This is how I help my clients achieve their health and weight loss goals. Report
Good information. Report
Thank you for this article. You said some things that I did not know Report
Great information. Report
Great ideas! Report

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