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Alternative Therapies for IBS

Relieve Symptoms Naturally


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Very informative article.Thanks! Report
Good article. Report
As a chronic IBS and other bowel issue sufferer, I can't eat high-fiber anything with out experiencing discomfort (Dr.'s orders). That creates a challenge with my nutrition and caloric intake goals. I have worked hard and have found a number of nutritious low-cal / low-fiber foods. Yet I often feel hungry and know that high-fiber foods with the same calorie count would help to feel less so. Some dairy can also be problematic with my gut, too. It's difficult to find a nutrition plan that addresses those of us with these specific needs. Report
Interesting information to follow up on. Report
I have found that using a digestive enzyme with pepsin along with a good probiotic has helped me with my digestive issues. Report
I have found that the root powder slippery elm has benefited several patients of mine. As a probiotic, it promotes growth of good bacteria and has high nutrient values. It is also described as a 'demulcent', soothing to wounds, aches and pains.

I have prescribed slippery elm with a few other herbal medicines including peppermint oil - to success.

ola Report
I have IBS, but have significantly reduced my attacks and symptoms from food by being treated with Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (look it up). It is a combination of old world acupressure (no needles!) and a computer simulating your allergy (in my case corn, dairy, potatoes, peanuts, onion, and magnesium). I had gone 25 years without purposefully eating those items and now I can! Still get symptoms from stress and the allergy can come back (usually years later) but 1 treatment will fix it again. All 6 items took less than 10 treatments (15 mins each) to fix. Report
I can only comment to my experience, but since I quit eating wheat and minimize my other grain intake, I have been symptom free. I suggest reading Dr. William Davis's Wheat Belly book for more scientific info on getting IBS under control or eliminating it all together. By the way I have lost 30 pounds during my wheat-free new life! I am getting plenty of fiber through vegetable and fruit sources as recommended by most "experts" on IBS. Report
Actually, allergies are often a trigger for asthma; asthma is not the same as an allergic reaction. Asthma is the reaction of the cells in the branches of the lungs secreting too much mucousa and the muscles contracting. Report
Interesting. I note most of the alternative therapies have to do with reducing stress.

Everyone should note, there has been extensive research into IBS therapy using hookworm.... yes, the hookworm parasite.

Turns out many cases of IBS are actually allergic reactions. When people with diverticulae or IBS symptoms are given worm eggs, their symptoms completely resolve. The theory is, our bodies evolved in conjunction with the parasite, and since modern sanitation facilities have essentially removed hookworm from the population, people's immune system has nothing to react to and thus starts to attack the lining of the bowel (much like some asthma is an allergic reaction).

The hookworm poses its own problems, so hookworm therapy is not a cure... but it is interesting. Report
I struggled with IBS for more than a year. During that time I tried a self-hypnosis recording from the UK that helped a lot, called the IBS Stress Kit. It is a 100 day program that progresses through a series of 5 guided meditations.

However, my symptoms disappeared as soon as I stopped taking a progestin-only birth control pill. If you are a female taking a POP and have IBS, it is worth going off it for a month or two to see if that's the cause for you as well, assuming of course there are other bc methods you can use! Report
Eat Right For Your Type!
My Sister-in-law was diagnosed with IBS when she was in her early 20's; she had the full colonoscopy and everything. Doctor gave her the typical diet of no red meat, many other limitations, and a prescription. This did her no good. She read "Eat Right For Your Type" and followed the outline for type O blood (her type). This blood type requires lots of red meat and other things that were on her "no" list. Right away she felt better, when I say right away I mean the first day- with NO medicine!! 10 years later she still uses this eating guideline and has NO problem at all!! Report
People with IBS should check out going gluten free. IBS is one of the major symtoms of gluten sensitivity. Gluten intolance has over 250 different symtoms, IBS is just one of them. Report

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