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Active Vacation Ideas

Breaking Out of the Beach Rut


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For me, being a Mom is an awesome thing. To have one that is intelligent and has excellent manners is another plus. Our family activity will be in June, was he graduates from high school me and him drive all over the county stopping to see family and friends. Report
When I was working a full time stressful job the only thing I want to do on a vacation was get some rest and relaxation with a fruity umbrella drink. Now that I'm more physically active and focused on my health find I am open to adventure hiking vacations. There's a big world out there...let's go check it out! Report
I am surprised that camping is not on this list. It is a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy the outdoors and stay active. My dad took me and my sister camping when we were young, and I took my own kids. Looking for firewood, taking walks or hikes, swimming in a lake (we tried to camp at lakes when possible)

I wish I could afford a vacation to an ocean, but living in one of the landlocked states of the midwest, it is just cost prohibitive. I agree with the person who said that beaches are far from boring - I would agree, I could walk along the shore of a beach for hours!
The point of a vacation is rest and relaxation, particularly if your job is strenuous.
Looking forward to spending time sitting on the beach slathered in Banana Boat with a can of diet Coke and a good book is something to look forward to.

Doing laps of the boardwalk/main drag of Rehoboth Beach every evening of my vacation is all the exercise I need! Report
This year I want to take my family to the Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas. Lots of digging and squatting. I can't do a lot of squatting, but my four boys will love to try their hand at digging for gems. Report
I thought this was going to be a bit more specific than it was, but these are still good suggestions. Report
My dream vacation is hearty exercise, seeing new places, and eating and drinking wonderful food at the end of the day. Organized bike trips are my favorite because the pace is just right for me - you get to really experience the country. Report
Wow. The author lost me with the "same old beach kind of boring" opening. Like everything else, a beach is boring if you make it boring. I know people who think hiking in the woods is boring. The point is to be active wherever you are. And for the record (at least in MHO) the beach is different just about every day you go, and there's always something to explore (tidal pools), sports to try (surfing, parasailing) or things to find (beachcombing). Report
I have different places to exercise when I go on vacation. It's keeping it real. Doing different things make it more fun. Report
My vacation includes several hikes Rocky mt park Garden of Gods the Denver zoo and who know what else DB has planned. Report
@2DAWN4 - that's just what i was about to suggest! i unfortunately dont have the time or funds to actually vacation, but there are so many worldwide that im dying to get. plus collecting the souvenirs is a great way to remember your travels! i still cherish the one i was able to find while studying abroad in korea. its a great excuse to get out and explore your surroundings! Report
I love to geocache and actually plan vacations around great spots to cache in. Great way to keep moving while on vacation! Report
Come to Ormond Beach, FL !! Five miles north of Daytona, if you like the racing stuff. We have just added a wonderful new beach front park, totally free, with playground equipment and a splash park, outdoor grill area with shaded picnic tables, spacious changing stations and showers, and a beautiful wide beach that is great for walking, sunning, surfing, swimming, hiking, biking -- nearby there are many other activities to stay active with your family. Come on down! Report
If the author of this article thinks that regular beach vacations are boring, she needs to pick another beach. I never get bored on Waikiki. People are swimming, walking up and down, stand up (SUP) paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking...I wonder where she's going that she's so bored. Bored at the beach = lack of imagination. Report
When I win the lottery......... Report

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