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Talk Yourself into Reaching Your Goals

How Self-Talk Can Help (or Hinder) Your Progress


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So true. We are too hard on ourselves often. Report
practical and useful suggestions for sure. Report
Great positive article. Report
Thank you for this article Report
Very timely. Thank you!
Kathi Report
Thank you Report
thanks Report
Good article. Report
Lots of wisdom in that article! Thank you. Report
Thank you Coach Dean for this great article! Report
WOW! This was a Game-Changer for me!

Bring it! Report
If I don't do it, it doesn't get done. Report
Of all Spark coaches and bloggers Dean Anderson is #1 in my books! I hope he is still involved with Spark and health and weight wise continues to do well. Report
What a great article and such good advice. Whenever a negative thought creeps in I ask myself, "would I say this to a friend" and the answer is always NO! Report
Four great points. The value of self-talk is so often overlooked! Report

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