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The 8 Biggest Mistakes People Make Before Swimsuit Season


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Good article. Thank you! Report
Very good article and a worthwhile read, even for an obese 67-year-old female who has long ago given up on the idea of appearing in a swimsuit at all...think coverup reaching beyond the knees. Weight loss has become a reality for me though and I now believe that I will actually reach my goal weight sometime in the next few years when I'll be closing in on seventy. I think I might just go for a swim then! That will be one of my many rewards for getting there, the Good Lord permitting. Report
I can still remember being a child and being SO frustrated that my mom refused to get in the pool and play. She wanted the perfect swimsuit body. Of course, to us, she was ALREADY perfect Report
I don't worry about bathing suits because...I swim NAKED! :-0 (I have my own pool.) Report
Dont know how to swim anyway. HA! Report
Not just pre-swimsuit season, these are mistakes 24-7-365 Report
Great article; thank you!!!! Report
Tank you for this non-sense article! Report
Good advice Report
Thank you for a realistic plan. Report
Won't worry about this because I don't know how to swim. LOL Report
I love swimming I have found bathing suits that fit properly for my shape. Great article Report
Thank you. There are plenty of swim suits to choose from these days. Find one you like and go for it! Report
just put on a swimsuit, and enjoy life!!!
enjoy the sun and the water and stop worrying about losing those extra few lbs first.
swimming is what its all about. Report

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