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Tasty Ways to Prepare Good-for-You Greens


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Thank you! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
I decided to pick dandelion greens and see if I would like them. I washed them (leaves only) and than soaked them in cold water ( for a few hours) which I found took out the bitterness and helped plump them up. I ate some raw and could add them to my salads,but the way I like to eat them is: I get a deep skillet and put garlic in oil which I roast together,I than add the dandelion greens and saute them until done and just before I stop cooking them I add a generous amount of grated parm, cheese(the powered dry kind) and stir it in. The greens come out ready to eat, hot, and delicious. Report
No shortage here Report
You can take some of the bitterness out of dandelion greens by blanching. Report
Nice list...Thanks! Report
Thanks for sharing.. Report
I have wanted to branch out and try more vegetables. This article will help out lots with that goal. Report
Good article. Report
Great information! Report
I love most greens. Swiss chard? Not so much Report
I've tried to make friends with kale, but I only like it as baked kale chips. My favorite greens are collards and escarole. (Escarole is particularly tasty with white beans (like this:
ecipe-1914906) Report
thanks. I like raw but not cooked spinach. good to have info on some I haven't tried Report
Great information, as usual Report

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