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Tips for Buying the Right Bicycle

An Introduction to Styles, Frames and Sizes


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3-20-18... learned so much about bikes and how to decide which one is suitable... thanks for the article... Report
Great information. Thanks for sharing. Report
JVANAM "If things are not as you wish, live them as they are." ~ 1/12/18 Report
Thanks for the tips Report
Being fitted for your bicycle is very important. Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
Thanks for the information. Report
I will pass this information on. Report
Nice details. Report
Great article Report
Thanks for the information Report
I would also add a tricycle for people that have balance problems. Report
This is a great breakdown of the different types of bikes. As I've been lightly thinking about purchasing one I've been wondering which would be best for my interests and work effort! Report
Good tips Report

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