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Types of Diabetes

The Similarities & Differences of the 3 Types of Diabetes


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The question that says type 2 diabetics do not need insulin is NOT true I personally know someone whose specialist put her on insulin and YES she is a type 2. Report
Hope to be off insulin end of month. Report
I may still be overweight, and leg issues, but with SparkPeople tracking and reading and doing challenges, my A1C this time is 5.7. How awesome is that? Report
Correct! "It’s never too early to start a diabetes prevention program." Report
Thank You! Report
This article is very informative and helpful. Thanks for sharing! Report
Diet is the cause and diet is the cure! Report
I have type 2 diabetes. For the last 9 weeks I have been on the CRON diet. I've lost 47 pounds and haven't taken any meds (metformin, Farxiga) for 6 weeks. My morning blood sugar is in the 80's. Before it was 130-140 with meds. Diet alone can fix this but you have really want to fix it! Report
Many doctors are now sounding the alarm that Alzheimers is a type of Diabetes, and some are even calling it "Type 3" (rather than Gestational diabetes, as stated in the article.). Would be helpful to have an article clarifying the connection between Alzheimers and sugar in the diet. Report
I went to doctor to day and I have Type 2 Report
Diabetes may show some symptoms. It may cause continuous pee after some minutes in a day It can lessen the eyesight. It can make us very sick. It increases the intensity of sugar level in blood . Some people become fat look. The victim people can not do hard labor. He feels very tired for little diligence. Sugar may hinder to carry the Oxygen in the body. Sometimes affected people feel fever. Once a disease caused , don't want to cure. For more information please visit our Diabetes Guide at

Diabetes has has become a very harmful disease the the developing countries as well as
the developed countries. Its main reason is the habit of eating. If some eats more
than his demand, he has to do work to use the obtained calories. Otherwise it will be
turned into glucose, and will be stored as fat. Gradually Glucose production will be increased in the body and decrease the production of Insulin. As a
result you will be a victim of Diabetes. Please visit the link to learn more: Report
What about diabetes insipidus? Report
Thank you! Finally, somewhere that makes a distinction between the types! I've had Type 1 since I was 3 years old, and have gotten so tired of people assuming that all types are the same. No, I can't be cured. No, losing weight will not make it "magically" disappear. And no, I didn't get it from eating too much sugar. I want to post this article all over the world right now! Report
i am also having the type "LADA" , still without the need of any meds and hopefully will take many years for it.
got also more autoimmune diseases like HASHIMOTO & CELIAC Report

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