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Preventing Diabetes Complications

Protect Your Body from Head-to-Toe


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Excellent article. This is good information. Report
Great tips! Report
Diabetes is indeed a life-threatening disease. It gives rise to many health problems and hence one should always go for regular health checkups to monitor their glucose levels. If detected at the right time, one can prevent diabetes.
hole-body-check-up Report
Good info to know but scares me. I did this to myself. I need to get better at eating and excerise. Report
Good need-to-know information. Thanks! Report
It was a great article. I have neuropathy in my hands and feet, legs, and I am nearly legally blind in my left eye from uncontrolled blood sugar. I hope this article helps people believe it can happen to anyone. Report
great. Report
Good article kind of scary but I guess I'll do my best to avoid them or cross the bridge when I get to ti. Report
Very good article! I have Type 2 diabetes, and lots of good reminders here! Report
I don't know what to say; I have it. Everyone in the family has it, both sides of family & I mean every1. Some need to lose weight and some are very skinny and have it. I know bad things come from it. Report
Very informative. Report
A good article with good info. Thank you. Report
Good fair non-judgmental article presenting facts and dispelling myths Report
Great article. Wake up call for those with and those trying to prevent diabetes Report
Went to Doctor today. Lost 22 pounds since last visit and blood sugar report was good. Have to go back 1/18/18 for A1C test. Hopefully that will be good also. Report

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