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Hike Yourself Fit

The Rules of the Trail


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Another thing for women to consider is a PeeEZ. It's a plastic redirector that allows you to pee standing up, without pulling your pants down. It's less embarrassing, keeps your butt out of poison ivy, and very convenient. Report
Great ideas Report
Your article has inspired me to go for a hike today, I know my dog are in now I need to work on my hubby. Report

I would love to ride a bike to help me lose some weight but I just do not have the extra money to buy one. Report
Thank you! Report
We hiked when we were young Report
Water is a must Report
I do virtual hikes during the winter months to stay active, i.e, "Hiking for fun." Report
Thank you Report
I hiked the Grand Canyon twice. Started from the North Rim to the South Rim. What an experience. We stayed at the Phantom Ranch. I would do it again if I thought I could. If you get a chance go. Report
I love to hike! Report
Hiking is a social activity where I live, so it’s always in rotation for things to do.
Has anyone suggested AllTrails? It’s a website (and app I don’t dig) that will help you find the trail you need for a given day. Report
It is on my list to go on a couple of hikes this summer Report
thanks Report
I love hiking. I have found that "keeping it simple" is a good rule of thumb - less fancy equipment, more actual hiking. However - I want to make a plug for quality woolen underwear. High quality wool (like merino wool) keeps me warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and drier all year round than other fabrics.

Thank you for an inspiring article. Report

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