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Depression in Men: Why It's Different

It's Not Just a Woman's Disease


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Appreciate the information Report
A traumatic event I witnessed last year and loosing my love for teaching high school, just led to deeper depression. The signs were all there, the anger, the lack of motivation to do what I always liked doing. I finally sought out a therapist, I couldn't talk with anyone, don't know why. It has been almost a year. I refused the meds, but I found the time with the therapist was giving myself to see myself and some of what I could and what I couldn't do. When my therapist made the statement that she didn't know how I could deal with the amount of stress I was under. I realized that I needed to do what I could and learn not to stress over the things I had no control over. Seems obvious, but it wasn't to me. I feel much better but I still need to deal with life. Report
As we grow old, the beauty steals inward.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson Report
thanks Report
Very informative! Thanks! Report
Interesting Report
I hate to trivialize or excuse violence against women, but depression, it seems, can lead to violent behavior. Should it criminalized or treated? Report
Wouldn't know if I never read it!! Report
i love all this articles you all recommented, now i'm ready to take actions if someone in my family, country, or friends have it....and i think the best treatment for this is to leave messages to our wonderful father,,, LET GOD HEAR YOUR ?ssss.... Report
GReat article. My husband finally admitted after many years of depression that he needed help and I was able to find him a great therapist. Within weeks he started to open up to family about his problems; seeing a dialogue outside of politics and weather was heart warming to see. He is making great progress and the therapist and I are trying to get my husband more involved in yoga to help him with his condition. My one complaint, I now have to share my yoga space and toys ... but I am happy to do it for such a good cause! Having a list of the symptoms would have helped me understand his condition sooner so I hope this article will help others as well. Report
A friend's husband committed suicide several years ago, and she had no idea he was sufferering from depression. She was devastated after he died, and to this day, feels a tremendous amount of guilt for not seeing his problems and being able to prevent his death. Report
I had a grandson that killed himself, he needed help for a long but never wanted it, a life that was wasted. Report
i just recently suffered from depression, I hurt my knee and i been out of work and i have been to a knee doctor and i am going to get a knee replacement and my doctor put me on medication for my anxiety and depression. I feel positive about the future and i am going to have my knee replacement the 18 th of oct this month and i am ready for this surgery and I am ready to rejoin the workforece , Confident and positive about the future and losing weight has helped me a lot. Report
The hardest thing was to admit to it. When I did it was like a load was lifted. It didn't fix things right away, but I felt like there was hope and the more I learn about it in men, the more I am finding my mates are suffering as well. Having the courage to speak out seems to give other men the courage to "come out" as it were. Report

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