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Learn to Love Breakfast

Reasons to Make A.M. Eating a Habit


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So I guess in retrospect my classmate\s grade 10 scarfing of a whole pack of Swiss Rolls was justified (just kidding about my comment - he really did though ) Report
Excellent article and good breakfast ideas! Report
Some of us were always on a different schedule. My version of "breakfast" always had to be something quick and light. I was always happier with a bit of fruit skipping the heavier items at that time of the day. Report
I have always function better having my breakfast! And I’m sure I learned that have it from my mother I have fun memories of eating whole wheat bread peaches and milk with her :-)Thanks mom :-) Report
I find it hard to eat as soon as I get up. I usually wait an hour, and truth be told, that hour stretches into three or four, so reading this artical has been a bit of an eye opener. Report
I am learning to eat breakfast but it is a slow process. Report
I have just started eating breakfast. Today is day 3. My urge to go to bed is gone. Napping has been a huge urge sometimes as early as 10 AM. Hoping it stays like this! Report
I have never liked breakfast. I just can't eat in the mornings. This article gave me some ideas and I think maybe drinking a smoothie with fruit would be a good idea for me. Thanks! Report
I make a smoothie for breakfast every day! I make sure its protein packed so I don't worry if my other meals aren't as protein involved. Ive made this such a habit over the years I find I crave them as soon as I wake up :) Report
I eat breakfast every morning. Report
I have oatmeal every day for breakfast. Love it! Report
Nice and simple breakfast ideas! Report
I do - thanks Report
I love look forward to it daily! Report
Breakfast wasn't always something I tried every day. It is now though. Report

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