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Learn to Love Breakfast

Reasons to Make A.M. Eating a Habit


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This can be so important, thanks! Report
I do much better after breakfast.
I need to switch it up.
Thank-you for the information. Report
I enjoyed the article but some of the comments on this thread made me go ???????????????? Report
Hooey. Nonsense. Silly. Follow at your own risk.

Are YOU FAT? Hmmmm..... Have you eaten breakfast all your life? Hmmmm....

Just keep listening to nonsense like this and stay FAT. Good choice. Let others tell you how to eat. Stay FAT. You have been doing this nonsense for how long? And YOU ARE FAT! Or you wouldn't be here.

Why don't you actually THINK FOR YOURSELF. Study what these diet charlatans are telling you and why it is all wrong. Then whatever they say to do, DO THE OPPOSITE! You are ALREADY FAT from doing what they tell you to do. STOP THE INSANITY! Report
Great article with great information. Thanks. Report
thanks.... Report
I have always eaten breakfast and love it. Growing up on the farm, we ate well in the AM after morning chores. Love my breakfast. Report
My GI doctor also told me that eating a large volume breakfast (not necessarily high calorie) at the same time every day as soon as possible after I get up uses the circadian rhythm to keep me regular. He is right. After having been extremely irregular for my whole life, when following his method, I have a BM within a half-hour of eating my breakfast. Amazing. Report
Where no one intrudes, many can live in harmony. ~ CHIEF DAN GEORGE ~ 4/29/18 Report
Thank you Report
thanks Report
breakfast is the best, especially at dinner time Report
This is something I really have to work at doing. Report
Breakfast is very important right after I have a cup of coffee. Report
I love breakfast! Rarely do I not eat it. I keep some easier foods on hand (cottage cheese, egg sandwiches, oatmeal) for those days that I am short on time. Report

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