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What Causes GERD?

Learn Which Risk Factors You Can Control


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I was diagnosed with GERD and esophageal damage. Very interesting article. Report
Interesting comment re. watermelon?! I'll have to check that out.
** Here's what my acupuncturist suggested in terms of figuring out if the cause is a hiatal hernia: if one is woke up in the night w/ acid in the esophagus, drink 2 cups of water as hot as you can stand it. If the chest/core continues to feel burning (the hot water will relax the phrenoesophageal membrane)--then rise up on tip toe & then drop back down on heels (can do 9 times repeatedly). This will help the portion that has pushed through to drop back where it belongs.

** Another reason for GERD can be food sensitivities or allergens that are not digesting well.
** And stress can irritate the digestive process of food, causing indigestion! -- She suggested it would be better to NOT eat, than to eat quickly or under stress. Report
Very helpful info. Haven't taken this seriously enough, so I'm dealing with some complications. Time to include this in my goals and planning! Report
I started with Spark People 8 days ago. Was told by my nutritionist to eat whole grain breads and crackers. Have done so faithfully for the 8 days; however, I've noticed I feel lots of uncomfortable heart burn, that I believe is due to the whole grains. Anyone know if this can be the cause and what should I do to avoid it? Thanks in advance! Report
I have been diagnosed with GERD for a couple of years. Basically from eating too quickly and not allowing proper digestion.
I did not want to use the medications recommended. I made a couple of simple changes that have dramatically helped;
1/ Eat slowly. Allow digestion to take place
2/ Reduce use of all antacids. Build up the natural stomach acids.
3/ Restrict coffee.
4/ THIS IS THE BIGGIE! EAT WATERMELON- juice, slices whatever-- but eat it every day! It restricts the episodes and severity. I used to have GERD every night- now maybe twice a month-- and am way happier. For personal info.
I am a male; 60 years old; very fit. exercise 2 hours a day and don't eat much meat. Just eat too quickly! Report
I had GERD with severe regurgitation since I was about four years old. Last year I finally had surgery to correct this and I am so much better now. Aspiration pneumonia and pulmonary fibrosis were also risk factors for me. I had voice trouble and chronic asthma because of it. I was a small kid when I first started having I don't know how I got it. Lifestyle issues obviously weren't the reason. Report
Wow...this article really helped me, especially the esophagus info. Report
This article was of benefit to me--I learned that my food does not cause it! Thank you. Report

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