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30 Days to a Greener Lifestyle

A Tip of the Day Calendar for April or Any Month


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Awesome... you could also mention that Earth Day is April 22.

Also, I think it would be nice if it was laid out like a calendar with days of the week. Report
This is great, apart from one word in the tip for the 18th - leather. From the Guardian, 15 February 2009, 'In any case, the byproduct argument loses its punch when you consider the environmental impact of conventional leather production, which involves a mind-boggling mix of acids, salts, fungicides and bactericides - as well as chromium, sulphides and sulphates. The result is a huge amount of water use, chromium sludge, and solid and airborne chemical waste.' Not to mention, cows raised for leather have the same environmental impact as those raised for meat. So I would hardly call conventional leather (which is what the majority of people buy) either natural or good for the environment. Report
These are great.. but don't print the calendar... instead save to documents and read every day !!! Save PAPER Report
I had the same thought as Jessica_Sue, would love these calendars to be sized as screen wallpapers, so as soon as I turn my computer on, they would be the first thing I see. They are great. Report
I loved the April Calendar- the tips are great! I think it will help to read it daily. :) Report
I would like it if these calendars also had one healthy thing to do each day. For an example one day would say "eat 5 fruits and veggies" another, "dring 8 glasses of water" still another "do 15 crunches." Report
Thanks so much. Report
Hey, I love these calenders, but I have an idea on how they could be even better - make them sizes to fit desktops! Report
To those looking for "missing" calendars, they're all on the "Motivation" page! Report
I have Jan, April and I'm about to get May. So when does Feb and Mar come out? Report
i Have Jan. never saw Feb. or March?????? Report
April???!!! What happened to Jan,Feb,March? Report

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