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Preventing Depression-Related Suicide

Separate the Myths from the Facts


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I usually ask anyone in that situation if they have a plan and what is it. If the answer is I don't know then you can relax a bit and steer the conversation to what is making them want to die. I wish I didn't know this. I used to have suicidal thoughts. But I rarely get them now, I started to not pay attention to them but Use them as a reason to ask myself what was bothering me. I'm so glad that is in the past for me. Report
This article is so true, although another bothersome myth that I heard was "if they were serious they wouldn't try stuff like pills, they would just get a gun so any attempts like that should be ignored". I attempted it numerous while suffering from undiagnosed bipolar and meant it regardless of the means. Ignoring the past attempts as attention seeking based on the method could also be dangerous.
It's interesting reading this from a more "outside" view. I honestly don't remember a day where I haven't thought about death or suicide. I don't mind though because the psychology of it is fascinating to me. I like analyzing myself from various viewpoints. Report
Our town Lost a 12 year old yesterday. And school is out today. Please pray for our kids. Educators know that once one child does this others usually follow. Report
I lost my brother to suicide 18 months ago. I can't stop thinking about what I could have done differently. The signs were there,.But he convinced me at the time that he was feeling much better,. He was taking medication, was in a new relationship, had plans for the future, had lost weight and had started to excercise again. Report
I think everyone should take people serious when they threat suicide, knowing from personal experience that people are either truly thinking about it, or reaching out for help so they won't get to that point Report
Depression and suicide are so much more prevalent in our schools than most people realize. Please take it seriously when someone you know (especially your own kids) reach out to you when they are suffering. They need your love and attention. Please don't ignore them! Report
This is a horrible subject, but very helpful to me as a school employee. Thank you. Report

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