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Movie Theater Snack Attack!

Two Thumbs Up or Blockbuster Diet Disaster?


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Good Advice! Report
I have been bringing my own snacks to the theater since my children were small. Boxed juice for them in stead of soda, bottled water for me. Boxed raisins, pre-sliced oranges or cuties, nuts or breakfast/granola bars.. I just put it all in my handbag, no one is going to check when you come in the theater. Althought we do have several theaters around town that allow you to bring in you own stuff. Report
Don't all Junior Mints boxes state that it's been a FAT-FREE food since 19-whatever?? Report
wow! what a wake up call! Report
How long is a movie? 1 1/2 hours? Why do people find it so necessary to snack during the movie? Report
I'll definately be prepared tonight. I'm more focused on the meal after at Uno's. But for the movies, I plan to take some raisins and a bottle of water to tide me over until Dinner or I may take my own popped popcorn. Now to go check out the calorie options at Uno's! Report
ouch... glad I opted for gummi bears when I went last time. I was unprepared before. Next time I'm doing lunch at Subway first though Report
All the writer is doing is describing a familiar scenario. I didn't hear an accusation at all in it. A lot of people are very conditioned to eat fatty fatty snacks at movies because fatty snacks are all they sell. I can't handle a concessions stand myself. You have to know your triggers. So I get a turkey tom sub at Jimmy john's and do dinner and a movie on movie night. I get mustard on it so it's not fattening at all and I sure don't feel deprived. Report
I know people who can't conceive of sitting through a movie without a hotdog, popcorn, sweets and a large drink, but thankfully I'm not one of them. I can count on one hand the number of hotdogs I have bought at the movie theatre, and this was only on occasions when I've been unable to eat beforehand. I always make sure I've eaten it before curtain up, as eating during the movie spoils the mood for me. I'm not a fan of movie theatre popcorn, as it always tastes stale, and the cheese on the nachos smells like vomit, so I am not tempted to try this in the least. I marvel at those who do indulge, as it says a lot to me about their diet in general. Report
I'm kind of upset about the fact that yes, they assumed we all go for the extra-large popcorn with the extra butter-flavored (I don't think it's actual butter) topping. When I even bother getting popcorn (I find it detracts from the movie when I get kernels stuck in my teeth, I dunno about y'all), I get a small one, and no topping except for maybe some sort of spice - they don't mind if you bring that!

Not only that, but theaters aren't going to change what they serve as snack options unless people request them - I recently talked to the owner of the local theater about bringing in granola bars and Skinny Cow ice cream for people to have, instead of the high-fat junk, and she loved the idea! Report
I noted that there were a few negative comments on this article. I found it interesting. Coconut oil is bad for you. It has more saturated fats than animal products. I have never seen anyone go to a movie theatre and not overeat when it comes to popcorn, denial.

I went to a movie with my sister a while ago. Going to a movie theatre is pure torture when you are trying to make good choices. The sound and smell of fresh popped corn fills the air. And, all the other treats, candy, nachos, soft pretzels, pizza, there is nothing good to choose. I was prepared though. I took a small zip-loc bag full of baby carrots in my purse. I was happily munching my carrots during the movie when my sister made some comment about me being too noisy eating my carrots. I thought she had to be kidding. You could hear candy wrappers and popcorn bags rustling, and people munching all around us, and she had the audasity to say something about my carrots. I flashed angry eyebrows at her and continued to eat my carrots. I enjoyed the movie in spite of that, but I was so annoyed that I just wanted to poke her in the nose.

. Report
I love sunflower seeds in the shell. They take quite a while to eat and are much lower in calories than even a small popcorn. Report
I, also, find this article rather misleading. How bad is one handful? I could never eat a 20cup bucket! In fact, I don't know anyone who could! How about 1 cup? This article was offensive to me. I am not an overeater. I have a history of making bad choices though and I am working to remedy that. Report
Why was this entire article was written on the assumption that people on this website are ordering enormous buckets of buttered popcorn, and doesn't once mention--even in the table of movie snacks--what the damage is for the average small bag without butter?
Obviously, a large bucket of buttered popcorn is going to be really bad for you; anyone knows that. We all also know it's "best" to eat ahead of time or bring something in with you. What we don't all know is what the best choice is if you get there hungry and you're stuck for two hours.
Sorry, it's sort of a "duh" article. Report
1,300 calories!!!! Argh! I never would've dreamed it was THAT bad.
Thanks for the article. Report

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