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Movie Theater Snack Attack!

Two Thumbs Up or Blockbuster Diet Disaster?


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Thanks for the information. Think I better stay home and watch TV. Report
I love movie popcorn. Sometimes I go to movies my husband wants to see just so I can get it. Will try smaller sizes from now on Report
It's funny, but back in 2007, when this article was written, coconut oil was considered unhealthy. Not so in 2018. What goes around comes around. Report
Love popcorn at the movies. Report
Thanks for the info Report
It's all great advice but most movie theaters don't all food to be brought in Report
I rarely go but when i do i got around 10 or,11 an when im not hungry and know i will have,a healthy lunch afterwards. Report
When I go bring my bottle of water red vines. So I can eat after movies.... Report
I haven't been to a movie for years, at least 15 and that was an aberration, my niece and nephew wanted to go when we were out of town. Movie theaters are few and far between now around here. Report
I am heading to the movies on Saturday with the grandchildren, so this piece was perfectly timed for me. Many thanks Report
I bring my own.... Report
I love movie theatre popcorn but hardly ever go to the movies and last time I went the popcorn was just not as nice as it used to be Report
We watch our movies at home and have air popped corn. Report
wonder why I can eat so much Popcorn and not feel stuffed like I do when I eat a burger with the same calories..1300 cal is mt daily in take Report
too many! Report

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