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Find Meaning in a Job Well Done

How to Make All Your Work Rewarding & Satisfying


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Very good article! I wish that this concept could work for me! Report
nice article! Report
Great article! Report
Great article. Thanks. Report
Very interesting article. Report
Great information! Report
Oh, yeah...if you do a lot of highland hiking you tend to lean falling techniques after a while to limit injury and sliding. It seems these can be helpful with other falls later too. Report
I like hiking outside too. Hikes can be repeated in different seasons because the wildlife {plants and animals) will be going through their life cycles and what you can see will change. Those of us along the east coastal region also have the battlefield parks with good hikes and history too. Report
Good information and well organized. Report
Am glad took time to read this. Really needed to hear some of what I read. Didn't realize that I did need it. Thanks. This is, also, the article that should be and needs to be reviewed. Report
Thinking about what it means to other people might help. Report
Thanks Report
Finding ways to keep our routines interesting. 8-) Report
So important Report
thanks Report

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