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Protecting Your Back

Use Proper Body Mechanics for Back Protection


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Thank you for the information. Report
I like the doing laundry tips! Report
I like the doing laundry tips! Report
I have facet arthopathy. ...very painful. I've had nerve blocks, but they didn't always work. Some of these are really great tips Report
useful info Report
Very nice and thank you. Report
Excellent advice. Thank you. Report
Unfortunately, I have had back problems since the early 1980's when I was involved in an auto accident and it broke my back. I have been following this information for years now Report
Thank you! I have back problems, and I'm now having to really how I lift and move. Report
Back surgery a few years back.....the main culprit was when I was about 17 yrs. old and a neighborhood idiot that had way too many beers thought he could lift me up and put me in another chair......he, I, and the chair went crashing down hard.....was never right after that day.....then come along in my 60's and had to have surgery of a ruptured disc Report
A lot of people don't know that back injuries can be cumulative rather than being caused by doing something wrong one time, so doing things that don't seem to hurt your back can be adding one more straw at a time to the camel's back until there are enough to break it (figuratively speaking). So take the advice given here even if not taking it doesn't seem to be causing a problem.

Not twisting while holding weight is sound advice: if you want to squish something on the ground with your foot you instinctively put the ball of your foot on it and press down while twisting your foot back and forth. This is what you are doing to the soft disks between your vertebrae when you twist while holding weight. Report
Thank you, good tips. Sadly I can't squat (much) because of a chronic bursitis of the hip. Report
From someone with back problems, I appreciate the reminders. Thank you. Report
Very good reminders! It is so easy to make a wrong move and end up recuperating for weeks! Report
I have a bad back and a excruciating arthritic knee... so much of the advice for my back is impossible because of my knee, and vice versa. I'm adapting and using exercises and tips that don't hurt... and it's a huge challenge. However, I keep moving :) Report

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