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Dietary Tips for Digestive Distress

Stop Your Bellyaching!


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Oh I hope I never experience GERD! Sounds awful Report
How timely. Strange, this has been happening to me for the past 3 weeks. Really hurts. Plus, I have had gastric sleeve surgery-3 years ago. Not doing well with that either. Will call my dr. Thanks for the article. Yeah, I eat everything on the list. Yikes Report
One thing that was not mentioned was having vocal power lessened. Before I was diagnosed it took a great deal of effort to talk above a whisper. Report
Great article. Report
Very informative. Report
My 2 biggest trigger foods are Mayonnaise and Bell Peppers Report
Great information Report
All this information helps me make informed choices Report
Very informative. A lot of the comments are informative also. Report
These are some good ideas! I'm glad I read the article. Report
I have been very lucky and have never had heartburn Report
great tips. many have worked for me. Report
Don't have reflux or indigestion or belly aches or bloating... but I can imagine anyone cutting out the stuff on that list would stop suffering those things because they would have NOTHING left to eat!!!! LOL Report
Losing some weight and cutting sugar and wheat carbs and all the reflux is gone ... Report
I was told by a Professor with a doctorate and works with hundreds of different families of chiles all day, that the capsaicin in capsicums actually fight the stuff that produce ulcers and help your digestive health. Your receptors might be firing, but it isn't physically doing damage. Report

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