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Iron Out Infertility

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This article is not for me. Too late now. All finish. Report
I am past pregnancy, however, I do know young women who may benefit from this info. Report
I have always heard of needing iron during child bearing years. And the older folks stressed proper nutrition. My generation/socioeconomic group ate a lot of meat. We followed the American trend at the time. Now we realize that we need 75% fruits, veggies, grains, etc. There is definitely something there. Report
I cant see spinach as the reason for infertility by a long shot. Report
Are they not allowed to recommend meat? Doesn't it have the highest amount of iron? Red meat? Report
Odd how they keep recommending spinach as a source of iron when recent articles keep stating that something in spinach interferes with iron absorption. Report
Maybe that's why I never conceived. Now it's too late... Report
Or TOO HIGH IRON. I did five years of IVF without success and with hindsight found I had hemochromatosis, previously I had repeated miscarriages....Iron maybe a factor, but what is key - is yours in the right range. Also does it stay in the right range after becoming pregnant.

Other symptoms are aching hands, tiredness..... Report
Interesting. Report

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