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Take a Vacation from the Blues

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The idea of only one week in a single year horrifies me. I had one job where I had no vacation for 1.5 years and I nearly lost my mind. I can hardly wait to qualify for three per year where I currently work! Report
now this is something I need to apply to and will make every effort to take advantage of a vacation Report
Oh, I NEED to get away once in a while by myself. How do I do that with an elderly husband who doesn't want me to go? .... and I'm just talking about going to the library .... Report
My husband and I make a point of it now, to go away together on vacation at least once a year. We go to a cottage and just forget about work . Our whole trip consists of relaxing enjoying the fresh air, and enjoying every min of it ! Report
It would be awfully nice if I had a job that allowed vacation time and the money to go on one. Report
My husband and I don't generally go away for vacation. Usually we both take off during Thanksgiving week but we are going crazy with visitors and prep for dinner at our house. This year we are both taking off but dinner is at our son's house. We are looking forward to spending time together and working on some house projects. Report
My husband and I didn't take a vacation or spend any real time together all year last year and it was very difficult. This year, we are making up for it by seeing our family, then taking a cruise for our anniversary!! Report
I use my gym time as me time. I have to still remind loved ones not to call me unless they are in a close to death situation. Otherwise, I will be getting calls like, where is the remote? Report
I have a stressful marriage mostly due to an angry ex-wife and two minor children. The past two years I've taken two major trips without my husband and step children. I came back both times rejuvinated and with a better attitude toward the entire situation. Good for everyone. Report
My husband would totally agree with this article, as he insists on us using our vacation time. We've taken several short, less expensive vacations over the last couple of years. We've taken the kids to San Antonio (from Houston) for part of Spring Breaks, taken a short camping trip each summer to go river tubing in Llano, and then my hubby and I go again to San Antonio alone each Labor Day weekend (which is a week after our anniversary). We always feel better mentally after some time away. Report
I Agree With This Article. I Lived The Part In Not Taking Vacations For Years. Then For My Sanity I Realized We All Need Time Away. Especially If You Have A High Stress Demanding Job. It Helps To Have Money To Be Able to Have These Nice Vacations.
Even If It's Just A 3 Day Weekend At A Resort.
I have to to do these things suggests a little less stress from financial concerns.

I've been blessed not once, twice but three times with all-expenses paid vacations. Interestingly, these were the 3 winters wherein the blues/depression was almost nonexistent. Having something to look forward to definitely helped.

The question is how to schedule something yearly that is less costly than a tropical paradise. Report
Great article. It seems natural that any woman who has the money to go on vacation twice a year would have much less stress in her marriage and family life. Having money gives many more choices in life and choices reduce stress. I'd chose to go to a YOGA retreat. Report

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