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How to Get Help for Depression

Untreated Depression Poses Serious Risks


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Sometimes, all we need is an listening ear, SparkFriends. Don't take this information for granted. Report
Thanks for this article about Depression and thanks to all the Sparkpeople who contributed their comments. Report
I was clinically depressed for years, and it definitely contributed to the break-up of my first marriage. I was off and on various medications, but until I asked to see a psychiatrist and went through a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy programme, I had no understanding of my depression. Now, 15 years later, I am happier, more productive, and happily remarried. I will be on medication for the rest of my life, but that is a small cost to pay for the life I enjoy now. And I am using the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles to reach a healthy weight through the Beck Diet Solution team. Report
Good article. Report
Good article... Report
it is good to talk to friends Report
So glad to be hearing more conversation about this serious health topic! Report
There are so many advocates for counseling and doctors, anybody can seek help, even if they do not own a phone or car. Family/friends support is critical though. Report
Thank you for such a balanced article. Depression is a complex condition that requires a multi-faceted treatment approach, and sometimes that includes medication. Too often I see advice that suggests that lifestyle changes, therapy, alternative treatments, or even "attitude adjustment" alone can solve the problem; while this may be true for some people, it's not always the case. Report
Good information Report
good points Report
Good article. Report
And if you're in the UK, you can phone the Samaritans, on 08457 90 90 90, or email They will not judge you, they will listen, and whilst they may not have actual answers, they will take as long as you need to help you work things through for yourself and work out how to get help. Actually, you can email from anywhere in the world, they will still help you Report
It is not valid to say depression is a medical condition... psychiatrists can't really agree whether that is true. The most we can say is some depression may have a medical element, although we don't understand how, why or even if, the medications work. Too many people turn to pills first, because they hear the words it is "medical". This can lead to a lifetime of semi-satisfied existence looking for the magic pill for happiness. Psychopharm pills should be the last resort unless clearly indicated to a trained professional (not your GP) and should always be part of an overall treatment plan. Be cautious of the medical condition road most travelled. Report

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