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The Basics of Skin Care

4 Steps to Flawless Skin


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Well this was so right advise due to me i like my moisturizer with sunscreen also with vitamins and good stuff but also put another sunscreen on when outside for double protection from both rays and i really didn't know about RENTIN-A its very good news to know why my skin became thinner and sense i have stop i see the difference and it really didn't help the lines either its now more less lines and my skin is now back to normal so i do very much listen to dermatologist and i do read carefully of the ingredient's on the labels besides my labels on my food i buy so it's very important and thanks for confirming. Report
I'm having a problem with sunscreen irritating my skin (i am using Retin-A) and the sunscreen is also getting into my eyes somehow (even though i'm careful about not getting close to eyes, i have brown splotches near outer corner of eyes and so i have to put some sunscreen there...any suggestions? Report
if using a product with retinol, be aware it can "thin" the skin, so let your stylist know if you're getting your brows or lip waxed...if using Retin-A, you'll want to stop it for a week or so before waxing, as it can tear the skin

if using a product with retinol, be aware it can "thin" the skin, so let your stylist know if you're getting your brows or lip waxed...if using Retin-A, you'll want to stop it for a week or so before waxing, as it can tear the skin

This article stated that niasinamide can help with the age spot problem. I am wondering if this product is obtained from a pharmacist, or if there are commercial brands. There are a zillion facial products flooding the market. I recall some years ago a dermatologist said that "Cover Girl" make-up was just as healthy as the more expensive brands. (One mentioned was Clinque).... On the T.V. shopping programs, one can spend a fortune on all their touted magic potions! Buyer beware! Sometimes the best advice can come from your neighborhood pharmacist, the gal or guy who understands the "ingredients"... and their results. And, yes indeed, sunscreen is important! Thanks for the comments here. . . Report
Just curious what products to use to fade areas of the face that have darkened from the sun? Report
In regards to sunscreen, it is vital for people to apply them; even when the sun isn't shining. There are plenty of products out there which do not have added oils, or moisturizers which leave your skin feeling oily. The main ingredient to stay away from is mineral in products which actually coat the skin, and can cause sensitivity. I have sold a couple of different products lines over the years, (one line was natural swiss skin care, which was wonderful, but very expensive,) and most recently, switching back to Avon, after finding they have revamped their Anew products, and they don't contain mineral oil in them. They have SPF's added from 15 to 20+, and do not leave the skin greasy at all. I have highly sensitive skin; which is one reason I left Avon years ago; but now that the products have been improved, I LOVE them. I will not leave my web site address here, as I don't want to market anything, but wanted to assure people; with a little research, and trial and error, you CAN find products which give you great protection, at lower costs, and many work well with sensitive skin. :-) Report
"If you have oily skin, you don’t need to add any additional moisture."

Actually this information is a little misleading; if you suffer from oily skin you can actually REDUCE the oiliness by moisturizing on a regular basis. This tells your skin it's getting enough moisture as is so it can stop producing so much sebum. Avoiding moisturizers is a mistake many oily skin sufferers (myself included!) make at first. :) Report
I noticed you didn't really mention sunscreen, why? I use a moisturizer with sunscreen everyday, twice a day durring the summer. There are lots of good mosturizers that have sunscreen and are oil free as well. I have normal skin and use oil free Oil of Olay for sensitive skin with SPF 15, I like it because it is fragrence free. It works great for me! Report
Mineral-based sunscreens, like those with titanium dioxide, shouldn't affect the oiliness of your skin. I have combination skin and I have no problem with those sunscreens, though you have to watch for other ingredients that might affect your skin. Report
Totally useful and very informative, thanx! Report
I also am a little curious about sunscreen. I would love to wear sunscreen everyday, but my skin is really, really oily, and sunscreen makes it worse. Report
I'm surprised you said everyone doesn't need moisturizer. I have combination skin and always use it and make sure it has SPF 15+ in it. I would forget sunscreen otherwise, and my Mom used it everyday and while she's over 60, she looks like she's in her 40s!!! Report
Great article - I have very sensitive skin and this will help my search for gentler products. Report
Great article. Report

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