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Adults with Arthritis Need to Get Active

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I exercise but walking helps also. Report
it just hurts so much, especially later in the day. Report
this helps Report
Water exercise works best for me. I appreciate all the great tips Spark People provide in all of the articles I read. Report
My doc said hit the pool. I"m working on it. Report
I hurt but I still get out and exercise. I use to let it get the best of me but no more. I love to walk. Once I start the pain easy down and when I get in the house and sit on my god the pain. But everyday I walk for an hour and I was doing aerobics but I stop. So I am going to get back into it. Report
Can't recommend water aerobics enough for older folks or for those with arthritis.
I feel great after a one hour session! Report
I was told by my doctor to avoid using the treadmill while my knee is swollen and inflammed. Report
i have osteoarthritis in hips (mild). so i thought i want to keep fit. so i will be getting a trike (3wheeled). low step so i don't have to put my leg very high. it's only six inches off the ground. i'm not going to go fast, i will go at my own pace as i'm only 5ft. Report
I have arthrities and since I have joined Curves I have found that after the exercising I feel like I can take on the rest of the day. The pain is never really gone, but what a difference! Report

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