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Lessons for All Walks of Life

Basics for Success


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I enjoyed this article awesome reminders ! Report
Thank you for the reminders. Great article. Report
Things that I knew deep down inside but the reminder is helpful! Report
Agree with Deb, this is great information. Am making copies to keep me motivated. Report
Loved this article. I'm printing out two copies - one for the fridge, and one for my bulletin board in my office. Report
This really helped me pinpoint some things and gave me some ideas that might help me stay positive longer :) Thanks Report
Wow, this really hit home ! Thank you for th inspiration. Report
Great article and its given me lots to think about. I havnt an answer yet to the sabotage question. If I do lose the weight what else do lose? Hmmm - I need to think about that because clearly there is something that makes me binge for seemingly no reason. Thanks for giving me that - I usually look for something that has made me overeat - not what might happen/not happen if I overeat and sabotage weight lose. Report
Great article. Very well-organized. Bulleted points let me see at a glance what I want to remember and incorporate into my life. Thanks a million! Report
This article is well written, It offers great insight and motivation. I got down Most of the components that stand behind this article. However planning myself to include most of them in my busy schedule is difficult. Sometimes, I prioritized my tasks without forgetting the end of the planner's list. I perform them the next day. Thank you for the reminder. By the way, I eat 5 servings of vegetables or fruit daily, Drink enough water base on my body weight, 6 servings of complex carbohydrates top with small amount of good fat like extra virgin olive oil. A little bit of 2 -3 proteins daily. Eliminate simple carbohydrates like sugar and process foods, read every label well for unhealthy clues. Exercise 20-45 minutes daily. Report
This is a great article, full of reminders. My Dad used to tell me that "Mistakes" were "lessons" that go unlearned. I need to be reminded of this every so often. Another thing I do (this may sound weird) is I feel the muscles in my thighs, this reminds me that I HAVE made progress. And it's the last thing I do before I fall asleep. I know, it does sound weird, but I feel so proud of myself when I do it. Report
Great Ideas, I will use and pass on!!! TY
nancylee Report
great article. Report
Thank you, this will get me back on track! Report
Thanks, Julie, for this wonderful article! I'm putting it into PowerPoint and hanging on the wall above my computer at home...and planning to put it somewhere in my office where our staff of 5 can see it everyday! Probably right by the SparkPeople bumper stickers posted on the kitchen cupboards at the office! Report

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