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Waist-to-Hip Ratio Estimates Health Risk

Are You an Apple or a Pear?


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This says I am a low risk but you can't go off measurements alone. You need to factor genetics as well. This is why I am actually at a higher risk for heart disease and diabetes. Report
Well, this says I'm a "pear" shape (waist-to-hip ratio of .78) and therefore at low risk. Well, first of all, I'm not a "pear" I'm an hourglass since my bust and hips are always exactly the same size no matter what I weigh. But if you're only talking about the lower body - then okay I'm a pear. But then supposedly I am at a low risk for diabetes and heart disease, but recently my doctor told me I am at a VERY HIGH risk for these conditions even though I am fit, and feel fine. I have high blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Just high enough to be in the range that means I am a complete wreck, according to my doctor. Guess she would laugh if she saw something that says my risk is low. Report
Interesting article. Thanks. Report
This is probably the only time that apples aren't a good thing. I'm an apple but working on becoming a healthier apple. Informative article. Report
I never heard the term avocado shape before. I finally have a term to use for myself, so thanks! Report
Good reminders to be vigilant on a healthy lifestyle. Report
I struggle with this type of arbitrary measurement...because I have given birth SEVEN TIMES! I can guarantee you that no matter what I weigh, I will have a tummy and my I kissed my waist goodbye a long time ago! LOL It is frustrating to be labeled as moderate to high risk on a chart just because of my waist to hip ratio so I usually put more stock in my BMI...which is well within the normal healthy range at 23.1....but I will ask the doctor what she thinks.... Report
My WTH ratio went from an apple to a pear as I lost weight. So, guess that makes me an apple since that's where the excess weight went when I gained. Report
You change shape when you lose weight, but I think the point the author is making is that if you gain weight in the middle first, even if you lose it and change your shape, if you gain again, it will be in the middle that you see it first and that will be the last to go always. I am an apple and though I had a very nice hourglass figure most of my life, every time i started to gain weight it came first in my middle and left there last. I gain last in my face and lose there first. Every time. I will always be an apple. Report
I am pear shape with my lost weight, before I lost weight I was a apple. I managed to lose in the right place with correct exercise. so, yes you can change your shape. Report
Very interesting article. I have always had more of an hour glass (large, think Wizard of Oz) share, but according to cslculator, I am a pear. Report
I agree with AUNA_CYCLE. For instance, I plugged in my current measurements into the calculator and it says I'm an apple. Then I put in my measurements from when I was 45 pounds lighter, and I was a pear. So yes, you CAN change your shape! Report
People are getting the idea, from reading this article, that it's impossible to change your body shape. That's not true! If you lose weight, your body shape will change significantly. You will go from being an apple to an avocado to a pear, and then to a banana, is what the thin one is. It changes. You don't HAVE to store body fat. I think that should be one of the points that this article makes. I know that I used to be a banana shape until I gained some weight. Then I became a pear shape. Now I am an avocado shape. But I have been losing inches, and am very close to being a pear shape again. And once I'm done with my weight loss I will be a banana shape again. Normal is possible, people! Don't believe the hype! Report
so I learned I'm an avocado... when i lose weight and my ratio's change will i become a pear? hmm Report

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