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Using Exercise to Relieve Depression

Walk Away from the Blues


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some days are better than others as far as moving it goes Report
thanks Report
Good to seek support Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
thank you Report
Good article. Thanks. Report
good info Report
thanks Report
I appreciate the way this is worded. Exercise can help depression, but it's not a cureall, and it can be really hard some days to do anything at all. Mix that with an anxiety disorder, and you wont want to exercise if you cant do it well. I have learned i just have to be patient with myself and just do whatever my best is for that day. Report
Great to keep moving. Report
very good article Report
great ideas to use anytime Report
I have enjoyed and saved, pinned and printed all of this author's articles I've read so far.
As a broken-down stroke victim I struggle with Medical Depression, emotional depression, and my medications only go so far to alleviate my difficulties. But exercise is something that is more than a diversion and I needed to read this at this time. So I'm feeling groovy at the moment.
What a resource, so spot on and succinct.

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