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Dietary Supplements for Depression

What Does the Research Really Show?


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Thank you for sharing! Report
Great article! Report
Great article Report
Thank you for the information. Report
I worked on a crisis line for many years. Depression still has a stigma with it for what ever reason. It's a chemical in the brain that people have no control over. There are many different types of depression. It can be difficult to treat, but just do as your Dr. tells you. That is half the battle right there. I do not understand why there is such a stigma about depression. Report
Very good article. I will look into some of these supplements that are suggested. I agree with CHARADE539 "To everyone with depression, whether it is clinical, seasonal, or emotional: Not everything works for everyone". I just haven't found my help yet. Report
Thank you for the information. Report
To everyone with depression, whether it is clinical, seasonal, or emotional: Not everything works for everyone.

For clinical depression, there is a literal chemical imbalance in your brain. This is not your fault, no more than having bad eyesight. In fact, it is exactly like bad eyesight. You are not weak for needing glasses. If you go the medication route, please PLEASE understand this: If the first drug prescribed does nothing, that doesn't mean the medications don't work. Keep going back and keep trying other prescriptions until you find the one that works. It took me several tries, and yes, it sucked until I found the right meds. I had dizziness, drymouth, insomnia, you name it. But you HAVE to power through and tell your doctor that this drug isn't working and you need to try a different one. If you go the supplement route, understand that they take a lot longer to effect your system than drugs do. It can sometimes take months of taking a supplement before you see a difference. Because of this, finding the right supplement can take a lot longer.

For all kinds of depression, even clinical: Your environment can make your depression better or worse. Toxic people in your life can flare up symptoms like your wouldn't believe. It is hard to avoid it, especially when depressed. Many times I felt (because of my depression) that I deserved the poor treatment I was given. Don't let this happen, please, it's an awful way to live. If you are closing off, feeling trapped or anxious around a particular person, if you feel you cannot be yourself for fear of repercussions, they are toxic, get away. Gaslighting often can cause emotional depression. It's awful and it sucks and don't let people do it to you, no matter what your brain tells you. You NEVER deserve it. I promise.

Just starting something to get moving pretty regularly seems to help more than most things to help keep things pretty even. The big changes can be so much harder to deal with. Report
Very informative! Report
good info Report
I take a turmeric supplement containing black pepper to help me stay on an even keel. Report
Great info. Report
Good information. I see a lot of patients who have tried many of these supplements to treat their depression. Report
Very interesting and informative. Report

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