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Learn to Love Running

Meeting Your Goals Never Felt So Good


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Such a versatile exercise! Report
Thanks. Report
I started running again now for the past three weeks, been away from running for 15 months.

I am doing jog/walk; I walk for four min, jog for two mins, walk for three, run for two, if my legs are tiring I do walk/jog one minute each, if I am still tiring ill take longer walks and shorter jogs.

never the less I get one hour in. Report
Great article! Report
I didn't realize running could help prevent strokes. They run in my family Report
Running is so freeing. Report
I'm trying to run. Still a little too heavy. Report
I like it but not falling in love with it Report
I wish I could fall in love with running. Report
I've always hated running, but felt compelled to have a goal of 5k in 30 min. I tried the Couch to 5k program a couple times, but fizzled out. Then I tried the ZombiesRun 5k app and loved it! I got all the way to the end, surprising myself with my progress! then... fizzled out. Time to restart! Report
If you think you might like to try running, I suggest you join a beginner's running program. Check with your local running store to see if they have one. A walk/run program with a qualified coach is a very good way to start and avoid injuries. I also caution older runners that running won't automatically help you lose weight. I actually started gaining weight as I picked up mileage. A visit to a registered nutritionist taught me that I wasn't getting enough protein so I was losing muscle instead of fat -- not good! If you start being a lot more active you may have to change the way to eat. Done correctly, running should not equal bad knees and ankles, but in any activity it's possible to get hurt. That's one reason I recommend running with a group, wearing quality running shoes, and getting professional advice. But most of all, have fun! Report
I wouldn't mind runners so much if you didn't extole the virtues of running out of one side your face and cry about your bad knees and mess-up ankles out the other. Report
I would love to be able to run, but I am scared of falling over, and having fallen over one too many times on my knees I don't want that to happen again. Report
I don't like running but I will try for about a minute and that's it. I love to walk. Report
I've always wanted to run but have never been able to. Now I am trying again....ran eight minutes last night with a 60 second break in the middle. I don't go very fast but once I can do 15 minutes I will work on speed...after that I will need to start using the incline on my treadmill because it is so hilly where I live - if I want to do this outside, hills are going to be part of it! Report

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