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Recognizing the Signs of Depression

When It's More than Just The Blues


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I have been depressed and it is caused by my weight and my irrational thoughts that go along with my weight. Having been diagnosed with BDD, it is a daily struggle to except my body the way it is. Everyone tells me I look great but I dont see it. CLothes dont fit the right way so that makes the depression even worse. Report
Please stop putting the ad over the text. It makes it difficult if not impossible to read! Report
Great article on depression. If this is something you are dealing with, always remember that things CAN get better. Please talk to someone about how you're feeling! Report
This article was very helpful to me. I have been experiencing depression for about 6 months now and knowing the some cycles can last up to 6 months gives me hope that I may be coming out of the tunnel. Report
How are you suppose to read this article with the ad running on top of the text? Report
Please try your local Humane society. While you have to wait a while to be served the 'prices ' are phenominal. Report
Sofla Mama: Huh. I never thought of it as hopelessness. I don't feel sad per se. Just trapped and anxious. I wouldn't have made that connection on my own. Thanks! Report
Isn't (constant, irrational, or unexplanable) anger one of the signs of depression? Report
My family says I seem a little down, but according to Spark, I'm depressed. Trust the Spark wisdom! Report
This article could have been written about me for the last month of Nov. and the month of Dec. this past year. I did however not want to harm myself for I hung onto the fact that God does not forgive you for taking your own life........and I had a friend that took that route but was not responsible for her own actions. I have that notion that you don't tell a Dr about how you are feeling for then they look at and treat you differently.........I know that is not the fact but when you are depressed that is how you think...........the problem is you don't (at least I didn't) think clearly. With the help of my friends, particularly here on SP, I came out of that horrible place...........and my heart goes out to those that "go there" and can't come back. The power of prayer is amazing......and friends are heaven sent !! Report
This article couldn't have arrived in my inbox at a better time. :) Thanks! Report
CNTALLY- What you describe is hopelessness (things will never get better or change for the better ) and this is mentioned in the article.

JUST_SAY_NOW- I agree. As a rule, you have to rule out any organic general medical condition before you can get a diagnosis of depression.

I think the article was a good overview and easy to understand. Thanks. I would suggest adding something on co-morbidity. Whether it started as anxiety or is accompanied by substance abuse, depression usually doesn't come alone. Report
I'm surprised by one of the symptoms they missed. For me and my conditional depression, the kicker is that I lose the ability to imagine changing my situation. I forget that things didn't always feel this way and that they will change again in the future.

It feels like everything has always felt this bad and it will go on forever. Trying to imagine what change would look like is terrifying. There is no change...

So by the time I realize I'm depressed and should do something about it, it's become less severe and medicine won't help anymore. Then I'm just stuck waiting out the rest of it until it goes away. Report
Depression and other mental problems can really devaste a person's life. But, while I'm not minimizing them, one should look into their nutritional health as well--and maybe firstly. For almost one year, I was exhibiting all of the symptoms of depression (except suicide). I couldn't get out of bed except to the do minimum in life. I had no hope and no motivation. Fortuntely, I stumbled on a site about a simple vitamin deficiency (in my case B12) caused by taking Metformin (which my doctor never bothered to tell me). I also had numbness in my feet and thought I had turned the corner into diabetes. After getting a friend (nurse) to suggest a suitable dose of B12, I started upping my vitamins and made sure I was getting of the Bs. Within days, I was back to normal. Within a few weeks, my entire existance changed and I started back to school thereafter with a lot of motivation and energy. Don't discount simple nutritional needs or the lack of them. Due to one tiny vitamin, my entire life had been destroyed. This is just for people that may not go to the doctor for various reasons due to money, fear or simply a lack of getting out of bed each day. Report
Thank you for a good article on depression. Just wanted to note that sometimes symptoms of other disorders that are easily treated (such as hypothyroidism) can cause depressive symptoms. It is essential to see a doctor and get screened for these to rule them out as a possible cause of depressive symptoms. Report

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