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Earn SparkTrophies for Reaching Your Goals

Start Earning and Displaying Your Virtual Awards Today!


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I got, my first trophy today Report
A Glow Getter Award is for those who have the Spark Activity Tracker. Report
What is a Glow getter award? I am interested in finding out about this. Report
What is a "glow-getter?" I saw that on someone's page and I LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT!
Just looking at my trophies is making me more motivated.
wish there were more trophies as well...each yr a memeber...5K...10K...Half Marathon...Marthon...etc...stuff for more motivation than weight or minutes Report
I just received my first trophy. Makes me feel good about my process. yea Report
I have logged my first foods and first exercise but I didn't get the trophies for either one of them I'm a little sad about that.
Is there a 5 year trophy? Report
Wish there was a 2 year & more sparkaversary trophy Report
I should have received the trivia leader trophy for the month of november. That was something i specifically wanted to earn :( Report
Why don't you get a product like t-shirt, etc. for points? They're worth nothing but a smile, I suppose.
Do the trophies add up to points where we can buy stuff and how does that work? Can someone please email me and let me know? Thanks! Report
I LOVE earning the Spark Points and Trophys, and buying Spark Goodies. But try explaining that to a "Non-Spark Person", LOL!! Some of my Friends think I am certifiably Cuckoo, LOL!! Report
I love earning trophies. Seeing my trophies only inspire me to continue on this pathway for a healthly lifestyle. Report

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