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Aromatherapy for the Whole Family

Soothe, Energize, or Relax


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Essential oils seem to have superpowers--they can help with almost anything! Thanks for sharing, this is great information.

Lily | Report
Good info Report
My husband has been having trouble sleeping lately. I'm going to try some lavender oil in the bedroom to see if that might help. Good article! Report
Merryliza: Try Roman Chamomile (not to be confused with German Chamomile) for insomnia - you can rub a drop into the temples or place 1 or 2 drops on your pillow. Also steer clear anything labeled "Fragrance Oil" - authentic oils will be marked with "100% Pure Essential Oil" or something similar on the label. Report
I enjoyed this article. I like the idea of peppermint in the car. Good ideas for me to use around our home. Report
Thank you for this article! I love aromatherapy. I took the level 1 training workshop for Wisdom of the Earth essential oils, because I love it so much.

A word of caution though....becareful of the grade. A bad grade of oils can be poisonous to pets. Bad grade of some can cause break outs or allergic reactions in some.

Also keep in mind, pets generally have smaller lungs then we do. Something that might be pleasent to us, might be overwhelming to a cat or a gerbil or such.

I only trust medicinal grade. In the workshop, we tried dozens of oils, on our skin, straight up, no carrier oils. And I didn't break out, even though I have excema. I didn't have any allergy problems even though I am allergic to pollen. Report
Be careful with the essential oils you use - if someone is allergic to the plant, the oil may cause problems for them instead of the typical effect. Report
Another great oil is Rosemary for headaches. I suffer with migraines and it helps to calm the nerves and open the sinuses. Report
I have used the lavendar for many years. For some people, sage or sweetgrass burned as incense also have a peaceful effect on the body, and help when performing yoga or during prayer rites. Report
Thanks for the comments. I have been wanting to try some lavender. Did not know of effect on pets. Report
Thanks for the comments. I have been wanting to try some lavender. Did not know of effect on pets. Report
I buy my oils from they are very high grade (you can even ingest them!) so they are a little pricier, but the purest and most effective I have found. Report
I'm alergic to Lavender, is there an alternative that helps a person sleep? Report
All essense oils can cause rashes etc in pure form. Rather than using carrier oils, I use alcohol. I put tea tree in a spray bottle about 1 part to 9 parts alcohol as a foot treatment after showers - cures nail/foot fungus (my nails use to be gross, not now), and prevents. I put the same spray on my hands through out the day as I work a hospital and there is some evidence that this will kill MRSA.

When I was studying, I would scent code different subjects as I studied them. Take a sniff and then study. Before a test I would dab various scents up and down my arms. Sometimes just a whiff would bring back the memory tracks. I know it sounds not possible, but I did graduate with a 3.97 - so it is worth a try.

For a headache, a little mint oil in olive oil rubbed at the temples followed by a hot shower is great. (don't however forget to drink a glass of water, I read once that the most common cause of headaches is dehydration.) Report
Tea tree oil is dangerous around cats and small dogs.

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