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31 Days to Unbreakable Resolutions

A Tip of the Day Calendar for January or Any Month


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I must be tired. That list was a bit overwhelming. I'll break it down into baby steps and apply it. Report
Great list. I like how it is broken up into doable steps. Report
Love the tips! Report
LOve the calendar idea. THanks. Report
I downloaded will use to start the New Year. Report
Good post, I love that I can print the calendar out. Report
Great ideas!! Report
I like this list of resolutions I usually don't make resolutions. Report
I liked this I had a habit of making lists of resolutions to large to be accomplished.This gave me some perspective
I'm familiar with most of these ideas, and have been using them with my diet goals. But now I realize that I should use these ideas for all my goals - financial, relationships, etc. Report
In the past, I always started out motivated, but then it would quickly dwindle away. This calendar reminds me that motivation like eating right and exercising and sleeping well and stress reduction and all other healthy habits need to be done daily. Motivating myself throughout the day is just another habit I need to cultivate. Report
There are some great ideas here. I plan to print out the list of them, cut them apart and pull one out to read and do once a day, then put it in another container to repeat monthly. Couldn't hurt! Report
I wouldn't tell anyone my goals, especially if they are meaningful to me. It invites criticism and people wait for you to fail. At least, that seems to be the case if your goal is to lose weight.
I love the rest of these though. They really help you think about how you will make your goals into reality. Report
Not making resolutions, but setting a few goals. Report
These are GREAT tips especially Number 10. I think that we forget, that although we resolve to do something that will better ourselves, we are human and thus not perfect. We make mistakes and we are living a life and sometimes other things have to take a front seat. When we forget we are human, we feel like a failure when we don't follow through 100% all the time with our resolutions. Regrouping, adjusting, coming back and reassessing must be part of setting ANY goal in life. THANKS! Report

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