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New Year's Resolution Teams

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The financial planning one no longer exists either Report
I clicked on the links for two groups - the first one the link didn't find a group (Gain Positivity) and the second one (the second positive thinking one) the group is inactive. Thumbs down to this article. Report
Gave up making New Year's resolutions years ago. What's the use? Everybody wants to know what yours is so when you break it they can point it out. No thanks. Whatever i need/want to do... i'll keep to myself that way if it doesn't happen only i know. Only i will/can be disappointed. Report
I'm don't know if I going to be alive. I never do New Year resolution. Report
Great article. I joined the ORGANIZED team as that is a problem for me as I am an adult with A.D.D. That is a nice term for Scatterbrained, etc. At least, I know I'm not alone. Report
As a new member to SP I really enjoyed this article. It was informative as well as motivating. Thanks for printing it! Report

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