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Exercise Safety Tips for Beginners


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Interesting hope this gets me going Report
Interesting. Report
Good tips. 8-) Report
Thank You...……….. Report
It was worth the expense to get orthotics with a podiatrist. Also I pay for a ymca day pass to do water aerobics. I can no longer jog on land, but I can jog in the pool. Report
thanks Report
thank you Report
Good tips
"know your limits and your needs" true. Report
thanks! Report
good information Report
I remember 15 years ago when I started going to the gym, I joined an exercise class and exercised at maximum intensity, because that was what I did when I was in my 20s, but I was now in my 40s and at the time I had and active job and was active keeping a home and chasing after 3 young children, but hadn't done formal exercise for 20 years. I thought, go hard, the class exercises have limited time durations, after a few weeks I will be in shape. Instead I got dizzy and had to sit down. The wise exercise trainer suggested a heart rate monitor and told me a supermarket where you could get one for free or at low cost in exchange for shopping points I had accumulated. That seemed like a strange and extreme suggestion at the time, what was I, a little old lady with heart trouble? I was a 40 something previously athletic housewife who worked part-time on our family farm. It was the best advice. I learned how to monitor my fitness, how to exercise safely and what heart rates to stay in while exercising. I learned to start slowly and gradually increased
my distances and speed for cardio training and my weights and reps for strength training. And now, if I have a period of not doing exercises, I know how to ease back in.

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