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Are You Fit to Climb the Corporate Ladder?

Healthy Body, Healthier Paycheck


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Fitness is a factor in getting hired. I was interviewing at a clothing company and was told that everyone had to wear the product to promote the company and its image.

I definitely wasn't skinny like the females I saw walking around in the office. I would have to lose 40 pounds in order to be comfortable in the clothes. Report
I was in a leadership meeting yesterday and when I looked at the high level managers that were present all of them looked like they had spent a lot of time at the gym. My old manger (I have since promoted up) runs marathons. I do believe the fitter you are the further you will go in most companies. Report
I know that I have to work out and be skinny for a good job. I say "skinny" rather than healthy, because in all honestly a profession really cares more about your physical appearance than health. Report
Yet just another reason to keep me motivated. Report
Great article. My oldest son has an MBA and works in the movie industry. Fitness is important to those he works around. Report
I'm in a job change situation and worked from my home for several years. I'm finding that what this article says is true. I'm spending some time getting my resume and myself in shape. Overweight people aren't usually hired in my field. Report

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