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Self-Care Tips for Sick Days


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Great Article i wish i could have read this 3 months ago when i had had an ongoing asthma/cold/chest infection Report
For a stuffy head, I fix myself something that tastes good with plenty of hot sauce... usually spaghetti with tomato sauce. Horseradish or wasabi are good if that sounds more appealing. Hot tea with honey and lemon is good for post-nasal drip.

I actually go for milk when my stomach feels bad, but I'm weird. When it really hurts, I drink cold water either to cool down the area or to help induce vomiting. My food of choice is overcooked white rice.

A good home remedy is to suck on a bit of ginger root if you can, or drink a tea made with ginger syrup. (Boil a peeled and chopped ginger root in sugar and water until you get a thick syrup. The candied ginger can be cooled and also sucked on.)

The only thing I've got for diareha is to snack lightly on bland foods without texture and to use baby wipes. Report
I wish I had read this article a few days ago when I was hit hard by the stomach flu...but as it turns out I did most of the stuff anyway. ;) Report
Thanks so much! I got sick yesterday and am still sick today and I was really concerned about sabotaging my weight loss! Report
Thanks for the article. It's good to see information that encourages one to rest and eat as well as tolerated, without stopping to measure, etc. Our sole thought when sick should be the nourishment of our bodies for recovery. Weight loss efforts are more successful when we are well. Report
This is a wonderful article, filled with good information. Thanks! Report
Great article. I have been sick since Sunday and have felt guilty about not exercising or really doing much of anything. I have asthma, so adding a chest cold on top of that makes it difficult to do much of anything. Report
Thanks. I need this article today! I'm printing it out now. I especially appreciate the info about steam as I have a facial steamer in my box that was going to the thrift store. I'll pull it out right now. Report
Been sick the last few days and really needed to know I was not being "bad" on my diet. Thanks for the reinforcement. Report
At this time of year, this is a wonderful article. Thanks a million.... Report
I am also curious why sugar is on the "stage 1" list. I know I do sometimes crave sugary foods when I have a cold, and it seems like it helps me feel better--is it just a quick shot of energy when your metabolism's out of whack? Please explain!!! Report
Glad I read this article...Had oral surgery yesterday..and here I am counting my fluid/soft diet calories....... Report
Great article. Report
I'm sick now and yes it is hard to eat when your couphing all the time. Trying to get in some exercise is also difficult - just rest do some crocheting, read a book, go for a couple of rounds around the kitchen slowly, don't attempt anything that will obstruct your breathing. Hot liquids really work and calm the couph. Nin Jiom Sirup with a cup of hot water - Really works. Report
It seems mother knew best..... bed rest, chicken soup, fluids got you through any cold and worked for the flu as well. Cod liver oil was given daily all winter, even in school as one way to keep us healthy.
I grew up in a time when we didn't run to the doctor with every little ailment.........after a week you were dead or better.
Nothing was given to lower a fever you stayed in bed til the fever broke. Once that happened, the sheets were soaked but we felt great.
For pain you hugged the hot water bottle .
Vomiting and diarrhea was the body's way of getting rid of something that shouldn't be there, just keep drinking water to avoid dhydration.
We were never given fruit juice or candy. Weak tea and plain toast got you back on your feet.
Some strange concoction my grandmother made with garlic, ginger, tree bark, tallow, honey, spring water and other ingredients, simmered on the wood stove, strained, cooled and spooned into us, cured everything..............must have worked, they never lost any one from baby to seniors.


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