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Self-Care Tips for Sick Days


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Great ideas. Report
Good to know. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
and what about Report
Awesome...thanks! I need to practice self care!!! Report
Thanks for the tips. Report
Thanks, good tips. Report
awesome...thanks.... Report
I have been blessed. I am in my 60s and have never had the flu. Report
Great information, needed this when I caught the flu last winter and landed in the hospital with complications with my diabetes Report
Got the flu 6 days ago and decided right away that I wasn't even going to try to track my food,much less exercise. Read this article today, and it seems like I made the right choice! I'm feeling better now and back to tracking. Report
Good article overall.

Immodium is a drug that actively slows the bowel, and is not a good idea for diarrhea unless you KNOW that you don't have a bacterial or parasitic cause for diarrhea, as slowing the gut can raise one's risk for complications with some types of infections. Report
BRAT diet for digestive problems: bananas, rice, applesauce, toast.

Pretzels and ginger ale when I have a fever.

Sometimes chicken noodle soup is attractive--maybe the salt. I try to keep such foods on hand. No one wants to go grocery shopping when they are sick!

chris Report
Great Article i wish i could have read this 3 months ago when i had had an ongoing asthma/cold/chest infection Report

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