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Finding & Using SparkPeople's Tools: Calorie Counter, Recipes, Weigh-In

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I have been looking to how to do the weightloss tracter if someone has the time could they tell me me how to do it :)) thank you Report
is there really an orange resource tab? I couldn't see it on my PC here at work. Report
Just getting started. I ordered two of the Spark Guy's books from Amazon minutes ago and am looking forward to partnering with others in the quest to eat and live healher and achieve weight goals together. Report
I am also very allergic to milk in any form. You do have to be careful about which non dairy creamer you use. I have learned to read the lables on EVERYTHING! You also can not have soy cheese--it has casein in it, which is a milk protein. Moha mix fat free, if they still make it, tastes like whole milk. Nucoa is the only margerine I have found that is COMPLETELYdairy free. I agree that tofutti sour cream and cream cheese substitutes are really good. Report
For those that have milk/lactose allergies/intolerance, Rich's Non-Dairy Cream is an excellent substitute and Fleishmann's Unsalted Margarine is also dairy free. Tofutti makes awesome soy sour cream and cream cheese also. Report
I have allergies to milk, cheese products. Lactose intolerant. I am highly allergic to shrimp. So when the meal plan comes up it has dairy products which I have to substitute. Which I don't find comparable substitutes for. Are there any plans for people who are allergy prone? Can anyone assist me to figure one out? Thanks. Report
Is there any way to load the HMR program as a nutrition plan? Report
Is there a way to integrate Spark Recipes with My Nutrition, so that we could just have ONE shopping list? I can't seem to figure it out. Report
I'd love to track fruits and veggies too. But I'd also like to know how to change the ticker to pounds from kilograms. I put my weight in in pounds, but the ticker shows it as kilograms! Which makes me 2.2 times larger than I am - who needs that?! LOL Report
Before I reset my goal weight I used to have a fruit and vegetable counter on my nutrtion tracker page. I can't figure out how to get it back! Does anyone know? I've tried the tracking goals page, but it doesn't add the counter! Report
The nutrition tracker has really helped me. I was way too high w/daily intake of sodium, and low on protein. Also, was usually over the number of calories that I consumed every day. The tracker has helped me cut back. Was surprised at the calorie and sodium content of some of my daily meal choices. Report
You can find the weight tracker on your sparkpage. If you want to edit the goal weight or any settings you go to your spark page and click "edit my sparkpage" if you scroll down all the settings are there. You can check the box to show your tracker when you post.

A good tip for finding the foods you're eating is to make sure when you are searching that the following 2 items are checked "all of these words" (immediately below the search box) and "search foods shared by other members" (below the results box). You only need to check that second one if its a less common food item that's not in the system.

Good luck & Welcome! Report
Please help me find the weight loss tracker. The one which says current weight and goal.Thank you Report
I can't figure out how to show my progress in weight? im at 136 but i dont know how to make it show my goal weight..? can anyone help me? thanks in advance Report
I did not get my weight loss tracker until I made my spark page. If you're not comfortable with making a spark page but still want the tracker, I think you can set your page to not public, but your tracker will still show up in your comments. Report

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