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Adventures in Weight Loss: Coach Dean's Story

140 Pounds Gone Forever


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Thank you so much such an inspiration Report
Thank you for this amazing article.. Report
Thanks for sharing.... Report
Wow. So positive. Thanks Report
Reading other people's journeys, struggles always makes me rethink what I'm trying to achieve. Report
Wish there was a way to find out how coach Dean is doing now, these articles are old. Hope he is ok. Report
Today is my second time reading through your story. I am inspired to stick with my program. I'm working to control Type II Diabetes with food and exercise. I am also on a small dose of Metformin. I'm doing what it takes to stay healthy! Report
All of your articles are well written, and now that I've read your story, I am truly inspired. You live what you write about, and that causes me to respect you even more.
I hope that you write a book one day, incorporating your story with some of your great articles! Report
Your story was very inspiring! I saw so much of myself in you words! I've lost 185lbs over a long period of time! I'm glad you didn't give up on yourself! You a worth being healthy, happy & motived! Good job! Report
Excellent story! I can definitely see how obsession could happen. When you see progress it’s tough not to overdo a “good thing” - so inspiring how he turned things around to a healthy lifestyle!!! Nice! Report
What a transformation. Congratulations. Report
Inspirational story. Thanks for sharing. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Coach Dean,
Your story is an inspiration to one and all! Report

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