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A Beginner's Guide to Yoga

Yoga Styles, Props, and Fitness Plans


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I need to start doing yoga. this is a good place to start. Report
...tried yoga but couldn't do it... will try again bkz of this article... Report
I'm looking into starting yogs..thank you for this information Report
Thank you for a lesson in yoga. I have been thinking of starting the program. Report
Good article, thank you for the explanation of yoga types and positions. Report
Oh my! I wonder if it's ok to confuse some of the motions and do a little of each . . . Report
Good ideas Report
I was so surprised how limber I felt after doing these. Will become a routine for me. Report
So relaxing. Love yoga. Report
I love yoga! Report
There must be a dvd out there for people with certain afflictions to do yoga-like moves at home, safely and at their own speed. No cute little class will do this, I can assure you!! Report
Yoga is great! And for those of us with mobility and other challenges, remember there are some terrific chair yoga videos and DVDs. I like the info in this type of blog, but few include any info or references for those who have trouble with balance, standing, etc.

One thing to keep in mind is that yoga is a gradual process. Folks will need patience, because the improvements will be subtle: more flexibility, better balance, increased strength, and so on. Classes are great, but practicing at home in between classes will provide greater benefits. Report
For some of the comments regarding balance problems or limited movement due to arthritis, you might ask at the YMCA if they have a seniors' yoga class. I saw a lady today who was using it as therapy after a stroke. They modify the poses and use props, including chairs to sit and still be fit. Report
l also hope there can be something with yoga for movement that can help someone like me who is afraid of falling and breaking my bones with this arthris so don't get out to work out much , if someone hears of anything please let us know Report
hoping this well work for me , a lot of arthrisis and ostio,so need to fine something to help with diet and healthy eating

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