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Ice Home Remedies

Ice is N-Ice


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Good ideas! I have saved the cooling bags from perishable food orders. I just keep them in the freezer for when I need them. Report
thanks Report
Great Idea! Report
Thanks Report
Great ideas! Thank you! Report
These are great ideas. Thanks! Report
Great ideas! Thanks sparks! Report
I have tried most of them, I just can't use frozen veggies since they can get expensive to buy. Report
I generally use one of these reusable gel packs, I've also used those instant ones, Report
Paper bathroom cups are what my PT pros use. Report
Great - I've done the bag of peas and the dixie cup, but hadn't thought of the others. Thanks! Report
I keep flexible ice packs in my freezer at all times - they also come in handy if you are having a hot flash - lol
I have also made my own flexible ice packs in the past too. If you have a food vacuum sealer you can put them into the ziploc bags and then into a food vac sealer bag and seal that so that there is never any worries about leaks! Report
Thanks for sharing such great ideas. Report
I used a frozen water bottle to roll my foot over when I had plantar fasciitis. Report
For a few difficult places to place an ice pack, a regular rubber glove that has been filled with crushed ice can be configured to rest comfortably over the area (I'm thinking the bridge of the nose particularly, where the fingers can rest on either side of the nose) Report

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